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Founded and successfully trading for over 20 years to supply, restore, maintain, and operate contemporary F1 cars in both the EU and USA from our Hungerford, UK base.

Design, engineering, and race preparation take place in modern in-house facilities and are lead by Tim Preston, a former Senior Test and Development Engineer at Williams F1 with 35 years of industry experience. This enables access to a vast network of technologies and skills consistently proven to enable the reverse engineering of every aspect of complex contemporary F1 projects resulting in a successful on track performance and safety.

Notable Alliances and Projects:

  • CIS were Instrumental in working with the Team Principal at Scuderia Ferrari on the concept, initial set up and formation of F1 Clienti, becoming a founder F1 Clienti member regularly participating in a selection of The Company’s own Ferrari F1 cars at Clienti events.
  • Using this background CIS then went on to advise Williams Grand Prix Engineering on the creation of Williams Heritage department becoming official Williams Heritage agents.
  • CIS were the official supplier of Cosworth V10 F1 engine while the project was under Cosworth ownership.
  • CIS supplied and operated Marussia’s driver test and demonstration programme, preparing the cars in house and operating them as far afield as Russia.
  • First client-owned McLaren MP4/22 (Mercedes V10) operated at Indianapolis Motor Speedway – A CIS/Client event supported by McLaren Racing Ltd and Mercedes

Although all major projects are completed at the UK base CIS have a proven infrastructure in the US with fully operational Jordan EJ13 (Cosworth V10), Benetton B191 (Ford V8) and Williams FW19 (Renault V10) cars having been sourced, restored and operated in the Mid-West.

Aside from individual clients CIS can operate at a senior corporate level as required, previous clients include BMW AG, Williams F1, McLaren Racing Ltd, HWA AG, Pirelli Motorsport division and Marussia F1.