1939 Lagonda Rapide V12 Chassis 14103


One of just seventeen V-12 Rapides produced

  • Proven award-winning specialist restoration
  • Cosmetically and mechanically superb
  • W.O. Bentley’s advanced engineering masterpiece
  • Modified to Le Mans specification with 4 carburetors
  • Highly collectable and eligible for events Worldwide

Considered by some to be the masterpiece of W.O. Bentley’s engineering skills following his departure from Rolls Royce, the Lagonda V12 Rapide was launched to the world in 1938 as conflict loomed over Europe. The V12 model featured an all new 4480 cc 60 degree V12 engine designed by W. O. Bentley.

The Rapide V12 was introduced by Lagonda as a high-performance luxury grand-tourer. Designed by Lagonda’s in-house designer, Frank Feely who went on to work for Aston Martin, the Rapide DHC remains a strikingly beautiful car, offering an understated British take on the 1930s streamliner look. The DHC was built on a shortened chassis with rakish two-seater bodywork. A small removable rear bench seat is located behind the driver and passenger.

One of the last cars produced from a total of just 17 – V12 Rapides built, chassis 14103 has the lower radiator shell, Sanction 3 engine and was equipped with the new modified connection rods, water pump, oil suction filter, thermostat, oil level and filler, trailing front brake shoes and undrilled front brake drums. These modifications are all recorded on the factory build sheet for the car.

Production was short-lived before the disruption of the war in 1940. Chassis 14103 was completed in the September of 1939, just weeks after war broke out, and was soon exported to the United States, where it remained until 1989. On its return to the UK it was restored, and its V12 upgraded to effective Le Mans spec, with four carburettors and modified heads.

Factory records confirm that the Rapide was originally delivered in light blue with blue-grey leather, grey hood and walnut woodwork with two carburettors. Post restoration by the current owner the Rapide is now solid black over grey metallic with tobacco brown leather seats and carpets. Functional safety belts are fitted, trimmed to match the stylish interior. The current owner also sanctioned the conversion to Le Mans Specification with four carburettors, using a new head supplied by the previous owner, as used on the two modified V12s with four carburettor engines that were entered for the 1939 24 Hours of Le Mans where they finished third and fourth.

Purchased by the current owner at the Goodwood sale of Lagonda’s, chassis was previously owned by the late Derek Green from 2002-2005. A photographic record of the award-winning marque specialist restoration is on file and available to view on request.

This extremely rare and highly collectable Lagonda V12 Rapide is both cosmetically and mechanically superb and eligible for events Worldwide.

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