1976 Porsche 934 Chassis # 930 670 0172


One of only 31 934’s produced which consisted of one ‘Works’ car for test and development, chassis number 930 670 0001 (R14) which never raced and 30 customer cars.

  • One of only 30 934’s produced, the 22nd car built
  • Possibly the most original remaining 934
  • Documented ownership history from new
  • Comprehensive major accident-free international competition history from 1976 to 1981 including 18 race wins and 11 podium finishes
  • EEC Tax paid and eligible for everything from Classic LeMans to Rennsport reunion
  • Chassis # 0172 the 22nd of the 30 produced was sold new in 1976 in white to Richard Leder, who at the time was the German importer for Firestone tyres and a highly competitive Gentleman driver. He contested seven races, two of which he won, at Kassel-Calden and also the Avus Circuit in June 1976.

    At the end of 1976 Leder sold the car to Volkert Merl, based in Hamburg, a former Daytona 24 Hour winner and highly respected collector of historic works racing Porsches who competed in the DRM German Racing Championship. Merl primarily raced for Joest Racing in the World Sports Car Championship, was 4th at LeMans and winning a significant number of races in various Porsches including this car #0172.

    In 1977, Merl stayed loyal to the model and marque, before he sold #0172 on to Peter Zbinden who was a known competitor in the WSC from 1973-1982 and finished 1st in the 1974 and 1975 Grand Prix of Endurance, 24 hours of Le Mans. Sixth place at the Silverstone 6 Hours in 1979 was their best result overall on the international stage in this car.

    In 1980 the 934 was converted to 935 specifications, as many 934’s were (including the ‘Works’ car) by Enzo Calderari, prior to being sold in 1980 to Pierre Shaerer to be run by Team Kolle, although Shaerer raced in the Swiss Championship, during his ownership the car was mostly driven very successfully by Edi Kofel. In 1982 Peter Baumann from Zurich acquired #0172 and used the car vary sparingly in club races with various co-drivers including the future head of Porsche Sport, Max Welti. Welti, Sauber’s first team manager and a two-time Le Mans and Sports Car World Championship winner and remains involved in motorsport to this day.

    In late 1982 #0172 was retired from competitive motorsport events and remained in in 935 / Group 5 specification until the beginning of 2017 when it was rebuilt exactly back to 934 spec by ROOCK, in Leverkusen using all the original Group 4 parts originally removed and kept with the car. This along with its known ownership history, major accident-free race record makes it most probably the most original and well documented of all the remaining 934’s which have been raced successfully in international competition – As confirmed by some of the World’s lading experts on competition Porsches.

    #0172’s long and distinguished history documented below includes eleven podiums and eighteen race wins and is well documented in the definitive book, Porsche 934/935 by Jürgen Bath, the winner of the 1977 Le Mans 24 Hours, and a marque expert, and co-writer, Bernd Dobronz.

    11/04/1976 Hockenheim Richard Leder 6th
    25/04/1976 Sylt Richard Leder 3rd
    02/05/1976 Eifelrennen Nurburgring Richard Leder 9th
    09/05/1976 Kassel-Calden Richard Leder 1st
    23/05/1976 Avus Berlin Richard Leder 1st
    30/05/1976 1000km Rennen Nurburgring Leder/Manrico Zanuso DNF
    15/08/1976 Zandvoort Volkert Merl DNS
    22/08/1976 Int Hessen Preis Kassel Calden Volkert Merl 5th
    29/08/1976 Preis der Nationen, Hockenheim Volkert Merl DNQ
    12/09/1976 Ulm-Mengen Volkert Merl 1st
    04/10/1976 Rhein-Pokal-Rennen Wurttemberg Hessen, Hockenheim Volkert Merl DNF
    13/03/1977 Bergischer Lowe, Zolder Volkert Merl DNF
    17/04/1977 Hockenheim Volkert Merl 3rd
    24/04/1977 Flugplatzrennen Sylt Volkert Merl 2nd
    08/05/1977 Flugplatzrennen Kassel Calden Volkert Merl DNS
    22/05/1977 Avus Berlin Volkert Merl DNS
    12/06/1977 Flugplatzrennen Wunstorf Volkert Merl DNF
    03/07/1977 200 Meilen von Nurnberg Norisring Volkert Merl DNF
    24/07/1977 Flugplatzrennen Diepholz Volkert Merl 4th
    30/07/1977 GP von Deutschland Hockenheim Volkert Merl 8th
    21/08/1977 Flugplatzrennen Kassel Calden Volkert Merl DNF
    28/08/1977 Nurburgring-Trophy Volkert Merl Unknown
    18/09/1977 Ulm-Mengen Volkert Merl 2nd
    19/03/1978 Hockenheim Peter Zbinden 2nd
    16/04/1978 4 Stunden von Dijon Zbinden/Edi Kofel DNS
    22/04/1978 6 Stunden von Dijon Zbinden/Edi Kofel 7th
    30/04/1978 Hockenheim Peter Zbinden 1st
    28/05/1978 1000km-Rennen Nurburgring Zbinden/Edi Kofel 18th
    16/07/1978 Hockenheim Edi Kofel 1st
    29/07/1978 GP von Deutschland Hockenheim Edi Kofel 11th
    05/11/1978 Rheintal-Rennen, Nurburgring Edi Kofel 1st
    18/03/1978 Hockenheim Peter Zbinden 1st
    08/04/1978 Jim Clark Rennen, Hockenheim Peter Zbinden DNS
    16/03/1979 Hockenheim Peter Zbinden 1st
    01/04/1979 Paul Ricard Edi Kofel 1st
    15/04/1979 Dijon Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
    27/04/1979 6 Stunden von Dijon Zbinden/Edi Kofel 7th
    29/04/1979 Hockenheim Edi Kofel 2nd/GR.4.
    06/05/1979 6 Stunden von Silverstone Zbinden/Edi Kofel 6th
    03/06/1979 1000km Rennen Nurburgring Zbinden/Edi Kofel DNF
    19/08/1979 Bergrennen St. Ursannes Peter Zbinden 2nd/GR.4.
    16/09/1979 6 Stunden von Vallelunga Zbinden/Edi Kofel 11th
    14/10/1979 6 Stunden von Hockenheim Zbinden/Edi Kofel 1st
    06/04/1980 Dijon Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
    27/04/1980 Hockenheim Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
    04/05/1980 Dijon Edi Kofel 2nd/GR.4.
    11/05/1980 6 Stunden von Silverstone Zbinden/Edi Kofel DNF
    18/05/1980 Monza Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
    13/07/1980 Hockenheim Edi Kofel 1st
    03/08/1980 Bergrennen Ayent-Anzere Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
    17/08/1980 Oberhallau Edi Kofel 2nd/GR.4.
    24/08/1980 St. Ursanne Edi Kofel 2nd/GR.4.
    07/09/1980 Gurnigel Edi Kofel DNF
    08/09/1980 Hemberg Edi Kofel 1st/GR.4.
    19/10/1980 3 Stunden von Hockenheim Zbinden/Werner Willi 1st
    22/03/1981 Hockenheim Pierre Schearer 2nd
    19/04/1981 Dijon Pierre Schearer 8th
    10/05/1981 Dijon Pierre Schearer 6th
    27/06/1981 Misano Pierre Schearer 5th
    12/07/1981 Hockenheim Pierre Schearer 5th
    01/08/1981 GP von Deutschland Hockenheim Pierre Schearer DNF
    09/08/1981 Ayent-Anzere Pierre Schearer 11th
    23/08/1981 St. Ursanne Pierre Schearer 4th
    06/09/1981 La Roche la Berra Pierre Schearer 7th
    13/09/1981 Gurnigel Pierre Schearer 6th
    11/10/1981 3 Stunden von Hockenheim Schearer/Enzo Calderari DNF

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